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Why Choose Sacramento Dealer Training

With all the possible dealer training programs out there, Sacramento Dealer Training is one of the only ones that offer a year of free phone consultations after you take the course. This ensures the success of our dealer training programs and helps our student combat some of the common struggles that happen when it comes to opening a dealership.

Our class involves going over the required DMV forms for getting your retail or wholesale dealers license and what forms are needed once you sell the car. Our instructors take the time to show you the best auctions in the Northern California market and what procedures are needed when it comes to buying a vehicle at dealer auctions.

We love our dealers! We want to earn your business!

We value your time and your education so that's why we offer no minimum class size and no class cancellation due to a smaller class size.

You'll Be Prepared to Begin a New Career as a Used Car Dealer

Continuing Education for Existing Dealers

Once you become a used auto dealer, California DMV requires that each dealer take a continuing education course to ensure that you keep up to date on the new laws that come from DMV and make sure that you are in compliance.

Used Car Dealer Education School for New Dealers

Our prices for the courses Northern California start at just $65!

What You Get From These Courses?

1 Year of Free Expert Consulting

1 Year of free phone consulting from our dealer trainers including Jessica Biarbe who is a retired DMV Licensing Inspector for 28 Years

Exclusive Handbook

Our student handbook will highlight and prepare you not only to take your DMV test but also prepare you to open your new dealership. The handbook will tell you:

  • Where to purchase insurance that will save you the most money.
  • What are the best places to get your customers financed.
  • How you get your vehicles financed or floored which allows you to have more capital to run your business not having to worry about purchasing more cars.

Dealer Discounts

When you become a part of our dealer network you are able to receive specific discounts that you can only get through Sacramento Dealer Training.

California DMV Dealer Certification Practice Test

A practice test that will prepare you for the real test. Your practice test is taken in a group setting and you're guaranteed to pass. Once the test is completed, you'll receive your certificate of completion to be taken to the DMV to get your dealer license.

Looking for a more hands on approach? We offer additional services as well:

DMV Application

The dealer application is a long process and most people hate doing paperwork. Not at Sacramento Dealer Training! WE LOVE PAPERWORK! That's why for $250, you'll get an hour-long consultation in which we'll take the time to fill everything out and make sure it's prepped so all you'll have to do is hand the application to your inspector.

Professional Buyers

Looking for help buying cars? We have a buyer’s network to help you get your dealership moving in the right direction that offer special discounts for all Sacramento Dealer Training students.

Deluxe Dealer Package

Let the professionals at Sacramento Dealer Training take care of the heavy lifting for you. We offer packages that our professional dealer consultants will do everything from helping you form your corporation, filing your state and local documentation…everything short of selling your first car. Call Garrett directly for more details.

Call us today at (916) 245-2526 to learn more. Classes start at only $65.00!